For about five years I've been scheming about how to get together a mobile literacy unit that I could drive around from place to place, packed with books to read and loan and barter and trade. 

First I thought about building a tiny house. And so my son and I built one.

Then, not long ago, I discovered Sisters on the Fly and decided to reno a camp trailer instead.*

My main reason for the Summer 2015 Ellen Gilchrist Tour is to get my feet wet. I seriously need to experience how to accommodate my books with the necessities of life. And the guitar. And the Author Suitcase supplies. And. In a very small space. (In other words, my beloved Black Sparrows had to go :(

But mostly, and most significantly of all, the Agenda of The Traveling Storytelling Production Company is to spread literacy far and wide. We want everyone to have access to books and media and storytelling and writing lessons and music lessons and puppet classes and Yoga and Composing By Campfire  *takes breath*  as possible!

Care to join me?

Here's an audio file of one of the sweetest most lovely "children's" stories in the world ever to be told.

*I am so much wanting to be a SOFT official traveling bookstore. So much so much so much!