I teach a variety of workshops. The one I'm using summer/2015 is a combination of my intro, memoir, and making a literary life class. Using a variety of exercises, readings, workshopping and homework, students complete initial drafts of their autobiographies, material easily transposed into poetry, fiction and non-fiction. The workbooks can be used over and over to maintain a routine, jump-start a block, and for resources and references. 

One of the reasons this workshop is so effective is because it attracts writers of all levels and genres with astonishingly diverse backgrounds. Some students return regularly for a refresher and to make new friends and colleagues. 

Groups of 3-6 people seem ideal. There are always exceptions and I do tutor one-on-one also. Classes are held in various ways, 2 hours a week for five weeks, 5 hours a day for two days, and a one day workshop of eight hours, depending on location and participants' preferences. 

There is reading both strongly recommended and regular recommended before our first meeting. Please see page --->

Information about the workbooks and other particulars can be found on the pages to the right --->

(This class includes an adaptation of Josh Kaufman's book The First 20 Hours - How to Learn Anything and has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with See's book, to accelerate your creativity and get you writing a piece to completion. Here is a link to the outline.)

My main writing workshops site is here along with the regular memoir class here. There are dozens of resources, reading lists and assorted goodies there also.