Bonus: Neil Young Songbook & More!

Here's a link to a .pdf of the Neil Young Songbook Project: 

Click on image to enlarge a nifty version of White Christmas for guitar as arranged by Marv Lundblade.

This is a little song composed around a campfire, late at night, by me. I was in the company of comrades, (for better or for worse) one who's sister had just died. He wanted to play a song for her passing. For some reason I tuned my low E down to D, a trick I'd learned from being in the Neil Young Cover Band

The singing evolved spontaneously. It was beautiful then, that night, and it still is today. The lead guitar was just in a random sort of all over the place mood. It worked so beautifully and peacefully. 

Bear is a cowdog.  
The mp3 is here.

A little gypsy jazz tune with photos.